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Welcome! Bienvenidos! Bon Jour! Willkomimen!

Many people ask about the meaning of our name.  
The name CorAlchemy is derived from the ancients and simply means:  
The Art of Transformation. 
We believe in the power of change through education and the value of cultural exchange. 
We value inquiry, learning and scholarship.
As our world is being transformed by emergence of China onto the world stage. 
With over twenty years experience in China affairs, we focus on what we know best - 
Chinese Mandarin language and cultural training and consulting.  


 EXPAND OUR WORLD, STUDY CHINESE!Learning Chinese is Cool!               
   - Common Ground
   - Mutual Understandings
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 A New Spirit of Cooperation: Happy Spring!

100K Initiative: Preparing the next generation of Chinese Experts!
  • PROJECT 朋友 Pengyou - Celebration of Americans who have lived and studied in China!
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READING, MOVIES & GAMES: CorAlchemy's Spring/Summer Reading list 2014!
  • Shifu, You'll Do Anything for a Laugh: Mo Yan
  • Success with Chinese: A Communicative Approach for Beginners: De-An Wu Swiwart
  • Startup Business Chinese: An Introductory Course for Business Professionals: Jane Kuo
  • Tales and Traditions: Readings in Chinese Literature Series: Yun Xiao, et al
  • Don't Cry, Tai Lake: An Inspector Chen Novel, Qiu Xiao Long 
  • The China Strategy: Harnessing the Power of the World's Fastest-Growing Economy, Edward Tse
  • CHINA: Portrait of a People: Tom Carter
  • Oracle Bones: A Journey Through Time in China: Peter Hessler
Chinese movies, Chinese cultureCatch on of these great movies and learn about Chinese culture! 
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